Hydraulic Systems and Components

Hydraulic systems are the lifeline of most industrial and manufacturing processes. As the performance of these systems is so critical, it is absolutely essential that they are designed, operated and maintained well.

At Spectrum Hydraulics, we have the requisite facilities and technical personnel that enable us provide our customers with systems that are reliable, easy to operate and durable.

At our manufacturing facility, we are presently able to design and manufacture Power packs with up to a max. pressure rating of 500 bars and a flow rate of400 LPM.

We can provide our customers with spares for individual components of their hydraulic or pneumatic systems. What follows are of some of the components that we can supply:


Mentioned below are some kinds of pumps for which we can provide variable and fixed displacement varieties:


We can provide the following types of valves, to name a few:

  • Check Valves
  • Direction Control Valves
  • Flow Control Valves
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Proportional Valves
  • Isolator Valves
  • Cartridge Valves

Hoses & Fittings:

We also supply various kinds of hoses and fittings as per the requirements of our customers

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