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Spectrum Hydraulics was established in Nov 2005 with a vision to provide high quality hydraulics spares and services in the field of Seals including Rotary and Reciprocating motion applications. Over time, the company’s activities have expanded to cover sales and servicing of Oil contamination management solutions, manufacturing/refurbishment of Hydraulic Cylinders and Power Packs and supply of mechanical spares and accessories besides providing bespoke solutions for customers through automation.

Our Principals:

  • Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, GmbH, Germany ( fst.com )
  • Ferrocare Machines Pvt Ltd, Pune, India ( ferrocare.com )

We have a fully equipped facility in Ajman for manufacturing and/or refurbishing hydraulic cylinders and powerpacks besides undertaking manufacture of engineering accessories.


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Multi-component Merkel seal set for sealing piston rods, consisting of a pressure ring, at least 3 seals and a back-up ring. The Merkel Chevron Seal Sets are available in 3 different designs. Type A has 3 to 5 fabric roof-shaped seals and can be installed in adjustable or non-adjustable sealing areas . Type B has 3 to 5 fabric roof-shaped seals, one rubber sprung back-up ring and is installed in non-adjustable sealing areas. Constant axial pre-load. Type C has 2 to 4 fabric roof-shaped seals, one rubber seal and can be installed in adjustable and non-adjustable sealing areas. For an enhanced sealing effect type A & B can be supplied in open form. Type C is always delivered in endless form.